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Pastor Aubrey & Danielle have been Christians for over 20 years & have served at  Countesthorpe Baptist Church since 2005.  In that  time CBC has become a Gospel  community,  marked  by grace. We believe the Bible is the Word of God so we take it teaching seriously. We seek to be devoted  to the Apostles Doctrine  (Acts 2:42) all the Bible  is God's breathed out Word. (2Tim 3:16). The Bible is taught  weekly through systamatic  expository  preaching  ministry  and  teaching at  our Bible studies.


We  believe  our mission is  to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, this is of first  importance.      ( 1Cor 15:1-3)  This gospel  centres upon Christs atoning  death, burial and bodily resurrection .  We unashamedly proclaim this Gospel, no other,   calling  everyone, everywhere  to repent and believe.  For this message is  the power of God unto salvation to all who  believe. This is a matter  of eternal weight, one  which cannot be ignored. It  is also something most beautiful because when the gospel impacts a life it  brings  a beautiful transformation  from old sinful lifestyes  to  becoming a  new  creation in Christ.


As a community  we are  marked  by grace  this means  as Christians  we  know our slavation is  a gift from God, its  never earnt (Eph 2:8) and totally undeserved,  God has poured out his grace upon us. None of us are  perfect people,  we all still  mess up, at those times CBC  is a safe  community to confess our  sins to one another and to forgive one another,  to do good  and serve one  another, we  seek to be an authentic  gospel community  where we do  hold one another accountable,  so  any masks  are exposed.  Having said that   we seek to love,   as we are loved, which is   earthed in  grace ,  CBC is a place of   grace with new spiritual  beginings and  spiritual growth  always available  no matter who we are, or  how far we've fallen, grace can always  lift us right back up.    


As a gospel community we also seek to  be driven to mission  reaching  out to others is our  aim,  we seek to be obedient to the  great commission  given to the Church  by Jesus (Matt 28:16-21) To go and  make  disciples, teaching  and baptising them  in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit.   Jesus  has the Authority & power to break  old sinful lifestyles and create  something  most beautiful in your life.    If you are  seeking  an authentic grace driven community that  you can belong too  or just  want to know more  about  Jesus  then please do  come along anytime  you are  most welcome .


We meet  every Sunday from 10:30am.

Last Sunday in the month also at 6:00pm

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