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Registered Charity number 1173447

Countesthorpe Baptist Church

Church Street, Countesthorpe Leicestershire, LE8 5QH

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For over 200 years Christians with Baptist convictions have worshipped & witnessed in Countesthorpe.

We are historically known as Protestant dissenters of the Baptist denomination, non-conformists and reformed

in our theology. The work in Countesthorpe started in the early 1790’s when a group of Christians formally from

Arnseby Baptist Chapel meet for prayer to establish a  work in Countesthorpe. They initially meet in homes,

over time this grew, right up until the present day now meeting in our historic grade 2 listed purpose built

Chapel  & Baptist centre.


We are Bible Believng, Christ  Centred  and Mission Minded  in our  belief and practice .  We believe that the Bible

is Gods Word for us today and can be trusted in all areas of our lives, because its God breathed  out Word               (2Tim 3:16).   & not  merely men's thoughts on God, so we hold faithfully to its historic content & message

(Titus 1:9).  We adhere to  its doctrine and precepts.


We also affirm the historic 1689 Baptist confession of faith.  


Christ  centred  and  mission minded  means we believe the Gospel is the most important message we can share with our community & the world. We are driven by love to declare this gospel to all the world starting in the Church, outside in  the community to our neighbour  and beyond into our whole world. The gospel simply means good news, the good  news is all about Jesus Christ, His death & resurrection (1Cor 15:1-4). It is this message that we seek  to  proclaim from the pulpit, in the community and in our lives.


Christianity at its heart is not about being religious, being  christened, baptized or even going to Church its  all about being in a right relationship with God. Jesus Christ has entered into this world to make that  possible  for us. Through Jesus Christ’s  death & resurrection  people  can  know the forgiveness of sins, peace with  God & the  sure and  certain hope of eternal life  not  simply when we  die,  but right  now in the present life, we  can be born from above and experience eternal life.


God  grants to all who repent  of their sins & believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit that we might know Him and enjoy Him forever, now that’s good news!  (John.3:16)