Countesthorpe  Baptist  Church

Bible Believing  Christ Centred  Mission Minded

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Church street  

Countesthorpe LE8 5QH


The Executive



The church is situated on Church street Countesthorpe, some of us live locally others are from the surrounding area. But what unites us all is our relationship with Jesus Christ. We have discovered that He is real – not just a real historical figure in the past but a living personal God, and He is the answer to our deepest needs and the fulfillment of our strongest longings.


We come together on Sundays to worship God, as the early church had established to enjoy friendship with one another and to be inspired and challenged by preaching which releases the energy of the text of the Bible so it can transform our lives.


We want to give a warm welcome to everyone especially those who are seeking a church to get connected with locally or are just exploring Christianity for the first time, everyone is most welcome.

As Baptists

We believe in the histortical Jesus Christ who was crucified, buried and on the third day rose again in the  year approx 30-33 AD.


We believe the Bible is the inspired  Word of God authoritive and all  sufficient.  


We believe in  baptism upon  profession of faith.


We believe in the doctrines of grace and the 1689 Baptist confession of faith.




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