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Countesthorpe Baptist Church

Church Street, Countesthorpe Leicestershire, LE8 5QH

Our Bible study together is a time  when  we study  the scriptures in  its context  and  then seek  to apply  its teaching to our  lives.  We seek to build  one another up in the faith,  growing deeper in  Christ together, forming stronger and  genuine  Christ like relationships with one another.


The ingredients for real growth to take place is not ony relational  between  each other with accountability,  but at the heart is His Word (The Bible) & His Spirit in our lives. The time is spent in prayer, the study of Gods Word and its application to our lives, but also sharing with one another our  life struggles and encouragements  forming real friendships and seeking to be a genuine support to one another.  


Whether your a sceptic, seeker or a believer,  you are most welcome anytime to join us.  Please be assurred of a warm welcome.

                           ( Please see news sheet for details or contact us via the contact page).