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Registered Charity number 1173447

Countesthorpe Baptist Church

Church Street, Countesthorpe Leicestershire, LE8 5QH

Our weekly Bible studies  are a time  when  we  explore  the  books of the Bible  together. We are  currently exploring the Minor Prophets in 2019.

Time is also spent  in fellowship with one another (social time)  and  we make  prayer  an essential part of our time together whether thats  for one another,  friends and family or  wider issues we really do believe in the power and necessity of prayer in our lives. Thats why  once a month the whole time is soley given over to prayer.


Also once a month we break bread together  as  we remember  the  death  burial, resurrection  and  coming return of Jesus.  


Whether your a sceptic, seeker or a believer,  you are most welcome anytime to join us.  Please be assurred of a warm welcome.

                           ( Please see news sheet for details or contact us via the contact page).