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Harvest past, present & future

By Aubrey Vaughan, Sep 11 2013 09:27AM

Harvest past, present and future.

Below is a picture of this year’s harvest gathered in fields close to Countesthorpe. Harvest time reminds me a fresh of Gods daily grace & faithfulness to me and to always be thankful for His provision, not to take what I’ve received for granted. As the hymn writer penned ‘All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above, then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord for all His love.’ Indeed we should be thankful to God, for the gift of another Harvest provision and our daily bread. But when the Bible talks about harvest is there more to it than simply thanking God for our daily food? Take a look with me at three harvests that we can be thankful to God about.

Harvest past

In the book of Exodus it says 34: 22. Celebrate the Feast of weeks with the first fruits of the wheat harvest, and the feast of the ingathering at the turn of the year.

Here we see God calling His people to celebrate the Harvest to give him thanks, to bring to Him the first fruits of the ingatherings. This is what is traditional known for Christians today as Harvest time when we share God’s goodness with others and thank God for all that He has provided for another year.

Are you thankful? In the UK we have so much; we simply go down to one of the local supermarkets and buy our food and its always there....all year round, all types are food are available from all over the world with a constant provision there is a tendency just to take it all for granted.

But let’s remember that it’s not the case for everybody, a child tonight in our world will go to bed with an empty stomach because the harvest has been ruined through drought or pestilence and food is in short supply. Why doesn’t God do something? He has, God has provided enough food in this world for everybody, but a third of it will go to bed hungry tonight. God is calling humanity to share with others out of the abundance He has given. This harvest let’s give thanks to God and lets share the abundance with others.

Harvest present

Jesus spoke about another type of harvest in John 4: 35 “Do you not say, four months and then the harvest? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”

In context it was to a woman from Samaria had just come to a personal faith in Christ and with this in mind the harvest Jesus is talking about to his disciples is not a harvest of food, but a harvest of people. A harvest which needs to take place in each one of our lives, as it did for the woman from Samaria a harvest of response to the goodness of God available through the provision of the Lord Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection we can experience the forgiveness of sins and the certainty of eternal life.

Do you remember the one time logo of the national lottery ‘It could be You!” Did you know that millions of pounds each year go unclaimed from the national lottery? How tragic is that when somebody out there has a piece of paper with the winning numbers on them, if they only cashed them in they would be millionaires overnight it would change their lives overnight, yet they fail to respond. This is true when we consider the harvest present that Jesus is talking about your life can be changed, it could be you, you just need to make a claim.

Harvest future

The final harvest that Jesus speaks about is a harvest future which is wrapped up in a parable of the weeds found in the gospel of Matthew chapter 13. It’s about a farmer who sows good seed in a field, then a disgruntled neighbour sow’s bad seed in his field at night. So when the seeds sprout up there was both weeds and wheat growing together. The servants of the farmer ask him how did happen and whether He wanted the weeds pulling up. The farmer tells them that it was an enemy who did it and not to pull up the weeds because they might pull up the good seed as well, he tells them to wait for the harvest.

Jesus gives us the meaning of this parable in verses 36 -43.

Many people ask the question ‘why God doesn’t stop the trouble?’ In a sense they are asking what is being asked in this parable, why doesn’t the farmer pull up the weeds? Jesus says it is because it may well damage the good crop that is to come, the ones that are going to be brought in at the harvest to God’s store house the Kingdom of God at that time God will stop the trouble, but until then we have the opportunity to be part of the harvest future. The only reason this harvest has not yet come, is to let you respond to God’s goodness. The provision of the Lord Jesus Christ who came as our Saviour, but will come again as King & Judge at the harvest future.

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